Easy home made burger

Burgers at home

You know if you make burgers at home you will get a more delicious burgers than what you buy from the supermarket! you will surprise by the result. Just following our tiny touches will give you very tasty juicy homemade burgers.

Easy Home made burger recipe
Easy homemade burger.

Homemade burgers are a delicious and satisfying meal that can be easily made in the comfort of your own kitchen. Not only are they a healthier alternative to fast food burgers, but they are also customizable, allowing you to tailor the ingredients to your taste preferences. In this article, we will discuss how to make homemade burgers that are juicy, flavorful, and easy to prepare.


  • one kilo of minced beef meat.
  • one teaspoon of  (salt, black pepper, onion powder, paprika, and dried thyme).
  • half of teaspoon cumin.
For making sandwiches you need:.
  • burger buns.
  • ketchup.
  • mayonnaise.
  • pickles.
  • lettuce.
  • mustard.


  1. In a bowl put the minced meat with salt and spices then start to mix it very well with your hands.
  2. You need to knead the meat for a few minutes, this will help you to form its shape easily.
  3. Start to divide the meat into portions each one from 100- 150 grams, so a kilo of minced meat will give about  8-9 portions.
  4. Shape each ball into a circle to get the regular shape of the burger you can use the burger mold or the metal eggs ring or with your hands try to press on the sides to get a nice shape.

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  • You can also take some balls and put some cheese in the middle then cover it very carefully to get a cheese-stuffed burger.
  • on high heat put a grill pan and start to grill the burger. 
  • After the burger is shocked on the pan with the high heat, lower the heat to let the burger cook perfectly from the inside.
  • In the same pan grill the burger buns.
  • Build your sandwich with the preferable filling.
  • You can mix 2 spoons of ketchup _ and 2 spoons of mayonnaise_ and 1/2 spoon of mustard together and use the mixture to add on the burger buns before adding your lettuce, tomato, and burger.

Pieces of Advice

To get juicy burgers, don't let the burger on each side for more than 3-4 minutes as cooking for a long time will make it very dry.
You can eat the burgers with rice or pasta or with mashed potatoes and some sauté vegetables.
Be sure to cover the cheese very well during making the cheese-stuffed burger, if the
cheese appears it will melt and burn in the pan.

Why is homemade burger is better than fast food one?

Furthermore, making homemade burgers can also be a fun activity to do with friends or family. You can have a burger party where everyone can customize their own burgers with their favorite toppings and seasonings. This is a great way to get creative and experiment with new flavor combinations.

In addition, homemade burgers are a healthier option compared to fast food burgers. By making your own burgers, you have control over the quality of the ingredients, the amount of seasoning and salt, and the cooking method. You can choose to use leaner meat, such as ground turkey or chicken, or even make vegetarian burgers with beans or lentils.

Lastly, making homemade burgers is also cost-effective. Purchasing ground beef and buns in bulk can be more affordable than buying burgers at a fast food restaurant or a diner. You can also freeze the leftover burgers for a quick and easy meal in the future.

In conclusion, homemade burgers are a simple and delicious meal that can be easily made at home. With a few simple ingredients and some basic cooking skills, you can create juicy, flavorful burgers that are sure to satisfy your cravings. So why not give it a try and impress your friends and family with your culinary skills?


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